Reflector is a walking, talking package deal: three Decepticons in one (or one Decepticon in three, it would seem). The three separate bodies of Reflector all think, speak and act with one mind, talking in unison and combining with each other to transform into their alternate mode. He/they act as (a) spy/spies and observer(s), surveying alien landscapes and Autobot activities. Above all else, Reflector is a master extortionist, watching and listening closely to his comrades in order to learn whatever dark secrets they might be hiding so that he/they can profit from them.

Component Bodies

  • Viewfinder - The brains of the Reflector trio when they operate independently. He constantly schemes to advance the Decepticon cause and to blackmail his allies. His main weakness is his crushing arrogance.
  • Spyglass - Always willing to follow any absurd scheme that Viewfinder cooks up, and often having to pressure Spectro into helping.
  • Spectro - Spectro can hardly be considered capable of independence. He's both moronic and lazy, requiring the other Reflector brothers to motivate him. When things go wrong, he'll always be the first to suggest retreat and then blame his comrades when Megatron's wrath comes down upon them.

When Reflector's component bodies combine, they transform into a camera.


  • In the 1984 Transformers cartoon series, Reflector was always referred to as a single being, despite nearly always appearing as a trio. His separate bodies never had individual names.
  • In Transformers: The Movie, Reflector very briefly appeared during the Battle of Autobot City. He was last seen inside Unicron, melting in a vat of acid.