Ride boarski

Ride Boarski is a Reploid modelled after a wild boar and a member of the Red Alert syndicate in Mega Man X7. He has an extremely touchy personality, well-befitting the actual nature of a wild boar. His temper is so out of control, he goes berserk at the drop of a hat, and if given the slightest insult, proceeds to run down the target of his aggression, complete with the added injury of tearing it to ribbons. With his fierce, rebellious attitude, there's absolutely no way of reasoning with him, giving the Maverick Hunters little other option than to do him in.


  • Search Wheel - Also called the Moving Wheel, this weapon is a moving mine that will seek out targets and tear them to shreds. X and Axl can copy this weapon while Zero gains the Zankourin technique which allows him to form an energy-based imitation of the weapon.
  • Lightning Fang - Boarski switches to his automotive mode and charges around the arena attempting to gore his enemies using his tusks.
  • Laser Rope - While stationary Boarski will activate a trap in the centre of the arena that will stretch out three electric beams that rotate counter-clockwise, covering a large portion of the area.


Ride Boarski's engines are prone to overheating with all the fierce drag-racing he does. Fire-based attacks such as the Circle Blaze and Bakuenjin will push Boarski's engine beyond its tolerances, potentially causing it to explode.

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