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Robotic Fizzarolli, also known as Robo Fizz, is an identical robotic clone of the popular jester Fizzarolli that performed regurarly at Loo Loo Land with his band "Fizzarolli 'n Friends" and the main villain of the second episode of Helluva Boss "Loo Loo Land".


Being based on the original Fizzarolli, Robo Fizz has the same appearence as the jester demon. His limbs appear to be more like tentacles than proper jointed limbs, able to flex and bend far more than normal joints could.

He speaks with a stutter often sparking indicating that he is in a state of disrepear, or is of shoddy craftsmanship. When set on fire later on his outfit is destroyed showing segmented limbs, a cylindrical upper torso, two ear like-appendages and a set of glowing lime/yellow eyes.


Robo Fizz was created in the likeness of Fizzarolli and programmed for entertainment at Loo Loo Land, shipped from a factory called Big Ozzie's Factory.

He performed for Octavia when she was at the FizzaRolli 'n Friends attraction when she was little.

Years later, Octavia, Stolas, and Blitzo, who is body guarding Stolas, visit Loo Loo Land and attend the attraction. Robo Fizz appears on the stage singing Loo Loo Land.


While he's a robot and his status as alive is debatable, he's a sentient individual capable of rational thought and speech. He seems to be content with his job as child entertainer and a showman in Loo Loo Land. However, he can be extremely disdainful and belligerent, as he mocked Blitzo for his failed attempts at showbiz and had no qualms getting in a fight that ended with Loo Loo Land burned to the ground.


  • The desing for Robo Fizz, and in extension, Fizzarolli, himself, were revealed during the BLM Charity Stream.
  • In the carnival show, Robo Fizz mentioned that he was shipped to the amusement park from a place called "Big Ozzie's Factory".
    • There has also been an instance during a trailer for the first season of Helluva Boss where a huge figure with a smaller figure, bearing striking similarities to Fizzarolli or Robo Fizz, on his back, as they stand on a stage for a sexually centered dinner theatre dubbed "Ozzie's".
  • Robo Fizz is the first character to pronunce Blitzo's name with the 'o' at the end. The second being Verosika Mayday in Spring Broken, and the third being Wally Wackford in C.H.E.R.U.B.
  • In the song that he sings, some lyrics mimic that of "Inside of Every Demon is a Rainbow" from Hazbin Hotel.