Clamster, Bitor, Lob-Jaw (left), Boltman, Me-Fisto, and Lug Nut (right)

Rumble Robots were remote controlled robots that used collectible cards to activate. They were created in 2000, and were quite sucessful, supposedly selling over 2 million units or so. Also, Rumble Robots Invasion was a toy line based off the original series. It introduced the different classes of Rumble Robots, the King, Knight and Soldier.

They were discontinued in 2002 when Trendmasters filed for bankruptcy and sold to Jakks Pacific.

However, Cepia, the successor of Trendmasters (later JAKKS Pacific), created robots known as B2B Fighting Robots, that strikingly resembled the Rumble Robots, with minor alterations.

List of Rumble Robots

Blue Team

Red Team

Rumble Robots Invasion

This was the second season in the toy line. Only one person in each army can control one King, two Knights, and five Soldiers. They can be compatible with original Rumble Robots so the controller should be set to "A" to avoid controller interference with the Invasion members. Kings cannot beam King power to all classic Rumble Robots.

Blue Army

Red Army


  • Sam Finnochio as Bitor and King El Smasho
  • Peter LeBlanc as Lug Nut, King Slugnut and Knight Slugnoid
  • Stephen Dunsford as Lob-Jaw, Me-Fisto and Soldier Sluggy
  • Kristin Winter Lizana as Soldier Slammy
  • Lorenzo Lizana as Clamster and Knight Slammer
  • Brian Weinstock as Bolt-Man


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