Rush is a robotic dog that appears in the Mega Man franchise. He was created by Dr. Light not only as a pet and beloved member of the Light family, but as a valuable support unit for Mega Man during his battles against Dr. Wily. Rush has appeared in every classic Mega Man game since his debut in Mega Man 3, and provides support by transforming into various tools and vehicles for Mega Man to operate in the field. In his standard form, Rush can sniff out enemies or hidden items and do everything a real dog could do. He can also carry emergency items for Mega Man and has a built-in holo-projector so that Dr. Light and Mega Man can keep in touch.


  • Rush Coil - Rush's most commonly used mode. A spring coil emerges from his back for Mega Man to jump on, elevating him to great heights so he can reach platforms that are otherwise inaccessible. In some games, the coil appears underneath Rush and he bounces upward with Mega Man on his back.
  • Rush Marine - A sub-aquatic vehicle mode. Mega Man will normally only need this to traverse underwater pathways that have been completely laden with spike traps or otherwise have no footholds. Rush also fires a Buster cannon from his mouth in this mode.
  • Rush Jet - The next most commonly used mode aside from the Rush Coil. Rush's hind legs transform into jet boosters and Mega Man can stand on his back as he flies. He can drop bombs on enemies in this mode, or drop health items for Mega Man to pick up.
  • Rush Space - A rarely used vehicle mode that transforms Rush into a spacecraft. Again, Rush fires Buster shots from his mouth in this mode.
  • Rush Cycle - Rush transforms into a motorbike and can cross land at high speeds. He can fire Buster shots in this form.
  • Rush Drill - Rush transforms into a large drilling vehicle to tunnel through rock or inflict massive damage on opponents. This mode is only seen in the fighting game, Marvel vs. Capcom.
  • Rush Armour - Rush can also transform into personal armour for Mega Man to wear in battle against particularly strong opponents. This mode provides Mega Man with additional defensive and offensive capabilities, such as powered-up Buster attacks and modular arms. Mega Man can also fly with this armour.
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