Robot Supremacy Wiki

A SIR is a form of Irken robotic hardware that appears in the Nickolodeon cartoon show, Invader Zim. "SIR" stands for "Standard-issue Information Retrieval" and these robots are issued to Irken Invader agents when they are assigned to planets targeted for conquest by the Irken Empire. They are similar in shape to the Irkens themselves and have silver-coloured bodies and red optics. Their primary function is intelligence gathering, learning whatever they can about the culture, customs and tactical strengths/weaknesses of the species they observe. They are programmed to obey any and all commands issued by their handlers and are equipped with all manner of tools and weaponry, making them efficient and extremely deadly machines.


  • Flight Jets
  • Plasma Launchers
  • Missile Launchers
  • Tasers
  • Self-Repair Systems
  • Thermos Flask