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The Security Drone is an airborne robot found in the Nintendo 3DS-exclusive game Johnny Impossible. It makes it's appearance in the stages The Armory and Robotics Lab.


The security drones are black flying robots with transparent windshields. Inside them, are yellow eyes/sensors that becomes red when they move into the background, and become yellow again when they move out. The robot comes equipped with searchlights. They also have a red wire sticking out and a yellow part, in which it's function is unknown. They also have black wings and a "fin" affixed atop their heads and located on their rear end, is a gear.


They do nothing much but fly in and out of the background as stated above, but Johnny should be careful, because they will catch him when they're in the play-field. They can be easily avoided by letting them fly into the background or running away when they are in range in the level. They can also be stunned for a while before returning back to their normal state.



The Security Drone is similar to the Emergency Flying Robot, but a little smaller and colored black.