Silver Man

Silver Man (EWN-004) is one of the Roboticized Masters from the Archie Comics crossover event Worlds Collide. He is the roboticized form of the telekinetic hedgehog Silver.


In the altered reality created by the second Genesis Wave, Silver approached Sonic about disturbances to time, only to be knocked out by the Copybot. Captured and delivered to Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily aboard the Wily Egg, he was transformed into Silver Man. Partnered with Blaze Woman, he was sent to retrieve the green Chaos Emerald, which was the last Emerald the doctors needed to complete the set. With this accomplished, he and the other Roboticized Masters were sent to attack Mega Man's team in the Skull Egg Zone. When Proto Man broke off from the fight, Silver and four of his comrades - Blaze Woman, Shadow Man, Rose Woman, and Knuckles Man - were sent after him by Eggman. After the Chaotix members of the Masters were restored to normal, Silver Man and Blaze Woman were recalled to the Wily Egg as a precaution.

Silver Man and his partner were subsequently deployed against Sonic and Mega Man's team after the restoration of Shadow the Hedgehog. Silver Man ended up battling Mega Man and Rush, and managed to strike the robotic dog with his power. He was then attacked by Mega Man, and the pair fired their respective attacks, which met briefly before passing through each other. Mega Man was left temporarily immobilized, but his charged shot also restored Silver Man to his organic form.


Like his organic self, Silver Man possesses psychokinetic powers allowing him to manipulate objects through thought alone. He wields the Psycho Burst, a blast of telekinetic energy that repels all foes in its path.


Mega Man never used any of the weapons he had collected from the other Roboticized Masters up to that point when facing Silver Man. As with the other Masters, he was able to de-roboticize Silver with a Mega Buster blast.

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