Sir killalot

Sir Killalot was a House Robot on the popular British gameshow Robot Wars. Designed to look like a medieval knight, he first entered the wars in the second series, and remained until the show's end, acting as something of a leader among the House Robots.

Killalot was equipped with a rotating drill-tipped lance, and a powerful set of claws, adapted from the jaws of life emergency services use in car crashes. Killalot's claw was easily capable of lifting over 100kg in weight, and could cut with a strength of 12 tonnes. One of his most popular moves was to impale a contestant robot on the end of his lance and spin it around on the spot, before dropping the hapless robot out of the arena or into the pit. On one occasion, Killalot was spinning so fast, the show organisers had to call 'cease', worried that the contestant would fly off the lance and break through the glass protecting the audience. Killalot had few weaknesses, but he was extremely heavy (which meant he was unflippable, but could be toppled over), and he could be set on fire if he was too close to the flame pit or Sgt. Bash, as his back wasn't as well amoured as his front. He was also know to occasionally make mistakes, as seen when he reversed into the pit while trying to attack Mortis. It took six men to get Killalot out.

When Sir Killalot was first introduced, his claws were smaller, his lance had no drill (opting for spikes instead), and his eyes were white. In series 3, Killalot's shoulder pads were removed, giving his arms more freedom of movement, he was equipped with his drill lance, and his eyes were changed to their more recognisable red. In series 4, his claws recieved an upgrade, switching from his smaller original versions to the larger jaws of life modfication. He was also retrofitted with his shoulder pads, simply because people thought he looked better with them. Several toys and scale models of Killalot were produced, and he even produced a single, Android Love, with Robobabe.

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