Slash Beast is a military Reploid based on a lion. Appearing in Mega Man X4, he serves as one of that game's bosses, commanding a Repliforce platoon charged with shipping supplies between military installations via an armoured train. He enlisted in Repliforce only to freely exercise his combat abilities, but despite this attitude he showed dauntless courage in battle, fearing no one. Ultimately, he fought and died for nothing, being defeated by the Maverick Hunters whilst unaware that Repliforce's struggles with the Hunters had been masterminded by the Maverick Sigma.


  • Twin Slasher - Slash performs a somersault kick that sends out two energy arcs that cut through foes. X can copy this ability.
  • Hurricane Fang - A devastating charge attack. Slash ignites his beam claws and rushes at his opponent, dealing heavy damage. Zero's Shippuuga technique is based on this attack.


  • Ground Hunter - This weapon can trip Slash up and break his claws.
  • Raijingeki - Zero pierces Slash Beast's defences with this electrical thrusting attack.
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