Solar Man (DWN-080) is one of the eight Robot Masters to appear in Mega Man 10. He is capable of generating artificial sunlight and directing it as he chooses, including in an offensive manner. He once worked in a solar energy research facility before he contracted Roboenza and went berserk.

On his free time, Solar Man attempted to do his own fitness program to no success.


  • Solar Blaze - Solar Man uses the solar collector on his head to absorb solar energy and re-direct it as a powerful blast. He can even absorb the solar bullets from Mega Man's buster cannon. Mega Man can copy this weapon.


  • Water Shield - Water will refract Solar Man's blasts and cancel them out. If he is struck by the Water Shield, his systems will malfunction.


  • Despite Solar Man being a fire-based Robot Master, the sun in real life is not made out of fire, but super-heated plasma.
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