Soldier stonekong

Soldier Stonekong is a gorilla-based Reploid and one of the eight Maverick bosses from Mega Man X7. He is one of the few members of Red Alert who is fully aware of Sigma's manipulation of their organisation, but unlike Red and Tornado Tonion, Stonekong doesn't care about what purpose he fights for. Stonekong's design is seemingly based on the classic depiction of Vikings or medieval knights.


  • Gaea Sword - Stonekong wields a sword made of stone. It functions better as a bludgeoning instrument rather than slashing.
  • Gaea Shield - A stone shield that can block enemy attacks and can be thrown as a projectile. Both X and Axl can copy this weapon directly whereas Zero gains the Gokumonken technique that allows him to block and deflect attacks.


Soldier Stonekong's body and weapons are vulnerable to high explosives and precision wave attacks. The Explosion and Hadangeki abilities gained from Vanishing Gungaroo are most effective.

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