Spike Rosered (known as Axle the Red in the original American release) is one of the eight selectable Maverick bosses from Mega Man X5. He is one of the few Reploids in the series based on a plant rather than an animal.

Rosered originated from a very rare and mysterious mutation between a Reploid, the nature control unit of a Ukrainian jungle, and the Sigma Virus. As the process and cause of this mutation could not be determined, it was believed that this strange evolution could create a threat more serious than the virus itself. So, Rosered hid himself away in an abandoned military base in the jungle; where he at some point in time obtained an Orbiter Engine needed for the Maverick Hunters' Space Shuttle. When the Maverick Hunters encountered him while searching for the Orbiter Engine, he resisted, stating that they would need to fight him to obtain it and that he doesn't care what happens to Earth as he would be able to steal anything he wants during the panic. Rosered also expressed disapproval of the Hunters' methods, citing the Repliforce incident from Mega Man X4 when playing as Zero.


  • Vine Whip - Rosered strikes his opponent with a thorny vine.
  • Spike Ball - Rosered's vine is coiled up into a projectile ball that gets sent bouncing off of surfaces and maiming any enemies it touches. X can copy this weapon.
  • Thorn Ball - Rosered generates a spiked ball that is launched forward and lingers on the screen for a few seconds before disappearing.
  • Petal Rain - Rosered launches some petals into the air, after which they will slowly float down. This attack is quite similar to Wood Man's Leaf Rain attack.
  • Twin Dream - Rosered produces a holographic copy of himself. This hologram is solid and can inflict damage on opponents. Zero can copy this technique.


As a plant-based Reploid, Rosered is vulnerable to fire. The Ground Fire and Quake Blazer are the most effective attacks to use against him.

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