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Spiral Pegasus (known as Spiral Pegasion in Japan and The Skiver in the original American release) is one of the eight main Reploid bosses in Mega Man X5. Modeled after the mythological Pegasus, he was the former commander of Repliforce's air brigade. He survived the Repliforce coup but harboured resentment towards X and Zero, the Maverick Hunters responsible for killing his commanding officers.

When the Sigma virus was spread across the Earth during the Eurasia Incident, Pegasus was infected and doomed to turn Maverick. His last sane act before succumbing to the virus was to challenge Zero to a duel and die in honourable battle.


  • Dash Tackle - Pegasus flies around at high speed to tackle his target.
  • Wing Shredder - Pegasus will dash and create an after-image that can damage his opponent if it hits them. Zero can copy this technique.
  • Wing Spiral - Creates a tornado to send his opponent careening to their doom. X can copy this ability.
  • Shoryuken - Pegasus moves to the bottom of the plane and rises with an uppercut.


No special weapons can cause extra damage to Spiral Pegasus, but he can be frozen in place by Dark Hold, the weapon/technique taken from Dark Necrobat. Pegasus takes extra damage from X and Zero's normal attacks while he's frozen by Dark Hold.