Split Mushroom is a Maverick Reploid and one of the eight selectable bosses from Mega Man X4. Originally the overseer of a genetic laboratory, he was retired when the facility was decomissioned. Some time later, he was ressurrected (presumably by Sigma) as a Maverick and he re-established the Bio Laboratory, turning it into his personal playground and attacking intruders for fun. This served as a distraction for the Maverick Hunters as they tried to handle the situation with Repliforce and Split Mushroom was ordered to test X and Zero's capabilities in battle.


  • Soul Body - Split Mushroom creates a helix of energy silhouettes that throw themselves at their target. X can copy this weapon.
  • Spin Jump - Split possesses keen acrobatic ability and will jump from wall to wall. Zero gains two new techniques based on this: Kuuenbu, a double-jump; and Kuuenzan, a circular mid-air slash.
  • Death Powder - Split Mushroom casts a purple mist that inflicts damage.
  • Gemini Split - Split Mushroom creates a solid clone of himself that parallels his own movements.


Split Mushroom is highly vulnerable to electricity. The Lightning Web and the Raijingeki will short out his circuitry and interrupt his attack patterns.

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