Sting Chameleon is one of the eight selectable Maverick bosses from Mega Man X/Maverick Hunter X. Formerly a Maverick Hunter of the 9th Special Forces Unit, he was coerced into joining Sigma's rebellion when the Mavericks took Hunters as hostages. He respects strength but uses stealth and cunning in battle, which has caused some to regard him as cowardly.


  • Chameleon Blend - Being based on a chameleon, he can camouflage himself and vanish into his surroundings.
  • Chameleon Sting - Sting Chameleon launches metallic darts from his tail. When Mega Man X copies his data, he fires a three-way laser rather than darts.
  • Iron Tongue - Sting Chameleon uses his tongue like a whip to lash opponents. He can also use it to anchor himself to the ceiling of his boss-room and shake spikes loose that will fall upon X.


  • Boomerang Cutter - Sting Chameleon's body is light and wirey, making it susceptible to slicing weaponry.
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