Storm Eagle is one of the eight Maverick bosses from Mega Man X1 and its remake Maverick Hunter X. He was a former Maverick Hunter and an honourable warrior, commanding the Hunters' 7th Air Platoon. When Sigma began his revolution, Storm Eagle tried to stop him, only to be defeated in battle. Sigma saw his value as a soldier and decided to let him live if he joined the Maverick's cause. Reluctantly, Storm Eagle agreed and was given command of Sigma's airship, the Death Rogumer. He would later be defeated by Mega Man X and the Death Rogumer would be shot out of the sky.


  • Egg Bomb - Storm Eagle can spit up eggs that burst when they hit the floor, releasing four small bird robots that home in on the enemy.
  • Divebomb Attack - Storm Eagle is an excellent dogfighter and can divebomb his foes into submission.
  • Storm Tornado - Storm Eagle's signature weapon. He fires a cyclonic wind funnel from his arm cannon that can blow his opponent away. When X copies the Storm Tornado, he can actually damage enemies with it rather than blow them away.


  • Chameleon Sting - The lasers fired from X's version of the Chameleon Sting can pierce through Eagle's armor, even when he's flying at top speed.
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