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A T-1 from Terminator: Salvation

In the Terminator franchise, the T-1 is military combat robot created by Cyber Research Systems for the U.S. Army. It appears to have a vaguely humanoid 'torso' section mounted to a tank-like base. It is armed with twin gatling guns, one hanging from each shoulder. In Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines, the original models had some clear weaknesses such as exposed wiring. Skynet would later eliminate these flaws and make the T-1 appear more streamlined and fearsome. These robots are the original progenitors of the entire Terminator series and their design would later be adapted to create the H-K Tank.


The first T-1 models were built by CRS and had been stored in numerous U.S. Army bases by 2004. When Skynet came online, it assumed control of them and used them to kill off the CRS staff and as many military personnel as it could. As the War Against The Machines raged on, T-1's would remain in service for a number of years and have their previous design flaws removed by Skynet. By 2018, the T-1 series had been rendered obsolete, with only a few units remaining as sentries for some of Skynet's key facilities.