The 600 Series Terminator is a bulky, humanoid combat robot created by SkyNet. They are 7 feet tall, armoured and programmed for human eradication. They are typically armed with a minigun but have also been known to use grenade launchers and plasma rifles. Their limbs are capable of functioning independently if severed, making them more efficient with field repairs. Despite their size and strength, their AI is limited and they are slow and cumbersome. A weak spot exists in the back of the neck that is vulnerable to knife strikes. Damage to this area will temporarily interfere with the T-600's targeting system.

SkyNet began its human infiltration campaign with the T-600 by covering the endoskeletons with rubber skin. They were largely unsuccessful, Resistance fighters easily detected them. It was not until SkyNet started cloning human cells and bonding them to the T-800 series that it succeeded with its attempts at espionage. By 2018, the T-600's had been rendered obsolete and would be removed from the battlefield completely by the mid-2020's.

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