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T-70 (Front view).jpg

The T-70 is an 8 ft tall humanoid combat robot originally developed by CyberDyne Systems. It was the very first humanoid Terminator ever developed, but their production was limited due to the occurence of Judgement Day before they could be constructed en masse. In the early days of its genocidal campaign against humanity, SkyNet limited the T-70's use to guarding key facilities rather than deploying them on the battlefield, since only a few prototypes were made. By the time mass production began, the technology was already outdated and so the T-70's were restricted to sentry duty.


  • Armoured Chassis - The T-70's body armour is highly durable, however there are gaps in the armour that can be exploited.
  • Weaponry - T-70's are typically armed with specially designed high-velocity gatling guns. These guns can be modified into light plasma weapons.
  • Intelligence - T-70 units have only basic intelligence since they lack the neural-net CPU's of later Terminator models. They can carry out basic sentry and search-and-destroy tasks, but cannot learn on their own.