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The T-900 is a type of Terminator mass-produced by Skynet. The T-900 is the successor to the T-850 as Skynet's main foot soldier and the predecessor to the T-X as the "Anti-Terminator" against increasingly reprogrammed units by the Resistance. These androids appeared in various video games that tied in with Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.


The T-900 series is twice as fast, strong and durable as the T-850. The T-900 combat chassis is built with a plasma reactor as its power source while the endoskeleton is covered with hyperalloy armour to increase its durability. Because the T-900 is powered by a miniature plasma fusion reactor inside its torso, its body glows in certain colour, such as blue, red, green, or yellow.

A T-900 has the ability to drive animals to the point of attacking their own handlers.


Skynet made models for different purposes on the battlefield which they also named differently:

  • T-900: The standard model of the T-900 without the living tissue.
  • T-900 Infiltrator: This type of the T-900 has the endoskeleton covered with living tissue, serving as Skynet operatives that able to come close to humans. It features glowing red eyes and Tech-Com style uniform.
  • T-900 Supply: This type of the T-900 has red sensors and Terminator rejuvenation kits. During battle, they can supply ammunition to the other Terminators.
  • T-900 Heavy: This type of the T-900 is very much like the T-900 Supply in build. They have blue sensors and can have an RSB-80 Plasma Cannon. They can also notify HK planes to bombard a human base or convoy.
  • T-950: The T-950 is an advanced model of the T-900.

Possible Flaws

Despite its increased capabilities, the T-900 has appeared to be particularly inefficient and otherwise inferior compared to T-850, an older model.

One possibility is that these T-900s had little combat experience compared to the battle-hardened T-850. In addition, their CPUs may also have been set to read-only, allowing Skynet more control over them but at the same time limiting their ability to learn.