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Miles Prower (better known as Tails to his friends) is a young two-tailed fox boy from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. He is Sonic the Hedgehog's best friend and often tags along on Sonic's many adventures.


Before he met Sonic, Tails was often bullied by others due to his unusual mutation: his second tail. However, he would later discover that he could twirl his tails together like a helicopter propeller, allowing him to fly. When he first met Sonic, Tails was highly impressed by Sonic's tremendous speed and Sonic was likewise impressed by Tails's ability to fly. What impressed Sonic all the more was that Tails was incredibly smart and had natural mechanical talent for someone so young. For a time, Tails wanted to be as fast and cool as Sonic and would follow him everywhere trying to copy the hedgehog's moves. He would eventually come to realize that he was better off keeping up his mechanical skills rather than living in Sonic's shadow, building new vehicles and devices to help Sonic whenever he came to blows with Dr. Eggman.


Tails is young and enthusiastic, always willing to help out his friends however he can. He used to lack self-confidence, but since Sonic Adventure has decided to believe in himself more. His youth hides his intellect, which possibly rivals that of Dr. Eggman.


  • Flight - Tails can use his twin tails to fly like a helicopter. He is also an excellent pilot, having flown several different aircraft throughout the years.
  • Mechanical Engineer - Tails is remarkably adept with machinery, despite his young age. He has built numerous aircraft, robots and gadgets to help out Sonic in his adventures. His skills are possibly equal to Dr. Eggman's, though he lacks the resources to build as many machines as Eggman make.
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