Tornado Man (DLN-066) is one of the eight Robot Masters to appear in Mega Man 9. Created by Dr. Light to function as operator of a weather regulation facility, he was stolen by Dr. Wily and used as part of the doctor's scheme to discredit Light by setting him up as the mastermind behind a massive robot revolt.


  • Flight - With his control of air currents, Tornado Man can launch himself into the air and remain suspended in the air for short periods.
  • Tornado Blow - Tornado Man generates a massive updraft of mini-tornadoes that sends enemies flying to their doom. Mega Man can copy this ability.


  • Plug Ball - Tornado Man's circuits are vulnerable to concentrated blasts of electricity.


  • Tornado Man's appearance is based on the image of Sage Harpuia, one of the Four Guardians of Neo Arcadia in the Mega Man Zero series.
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