Tornado tonion

Tornado Tonion is a Reploid based on an onion who appears as one of the eight selectable bosses in Mega Man X7. He is one of the few members of Red Alert who is aware of Sigma's manipulation of the group. He seizes control of a Radio Tower and begins broadcasting insane, nonsensical babble over the airwaves. When the Maverick Hunters confront him, Tonion expresses regret over what has become of Red Alert and begs the Hunters to put them out of their misery.


  • Tornado Dance - Tonion "blooms" and spins towards his opponent surrounded by a spiral of electricity. His protective plates lower when he performs this move, leaving him briefly vulnerable to attack. X and Axl gain their own variant of this attack called the Volt Tornado. Axl also gains a new weapon derived from this move: the Ray Gun.
  • Circle - After using Tornado Dance three times, Tonion moves to the center of the arena, blooms, and spins, stretching his plates out periodically sweeping almost half of the arena. Easily dodged by simply moving back out of the way.
  • Wall - Once Tonion's life is depleted to half or lower, he will switch to spinning around, using his body plates as a moving wall that advances towards the player. Leap over them and attack while he's vulnerable before his plates regenerate.
  • Wiper - Tonion removes his plates, lays them out in a line and uses them to sweep the arena. The line can be laid at varying heights, so one must try and use the plates shadows to determine when they need to be jumped over.
  • Storm - As Tonion moves around his plates will remain. If the player stands too close to him, he will stop and create an electric tornado around himself. Zero's Raijinshou technique is based on this attack.


Being an electricity-based Reploid, Tornado Tonion is vulnerable to earth and stone-based attacks. The Gaea Shield obtained from Soldier Stonekong can inflict heavy impact damage and the Gokumonken can reflect Tonion's attacks back at him.

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