Vanishing gungaroo

Vanishing Gungaroo is a kangaroo-based Reploid and a member of Red Alert in Mega Man X7. He possesses a rather juvenile demeanour and a cruel streak, revelling in destruction and mayhem, possibly even before he went Maverick. Though he acts like a child, he gets angry when others refer to him as such.


  • Ride Armor - Vanishing Gungaroo has his own Ride Armor mech built in his own likeness. This mech can attack using basic punches and kicks as well as generating shield barriers to defend itself. Gungaroo pilots the Ride Armor when initially encountered and does not fight using his own powers until the robot is destroyed.
  • Triangle Kick - A technique where Gungaroo leaps to one wall, then to another and then delivers a vicious kick to his opponent.
  • One-Two-Three & Vanishing Upper - As the name implies, it is a three hit combo normally followed by a powerful uppercut.
  • Back Kick - Gungaroo turns away from the player and flicks his tail, unleashing a long ranged energy wave that can also block attacks. Zero's Hadangeki technique is based on this attack.
  • Sonic Shield - A barrier formed from pure sound energy similar to the barriers produced by his Ride Armor, but on a smaller scale. X and Axl gain the Explosion weapon which is loosely based on this ability.


Vanishing Gungaroo is most vulnerable to air-based attacks. The Wind Cutter and Souenbu attacks gained from Wind Crowrang are particularly effective.


X7 Vanishing Gungaroo

Concept art of Vanishing Gungaroo and his personal Ride Armor

  • Vanishing Gungaroo is one of three Mavericks in the Mega Man X series who can be fought whilst piloting a Ride Armor. The others are Magma Dragoon and Bamboo Pandamonium.
  • Vanishing Gungaroo is one of only two stage Mavericks to have a female seiyu, the other being Split Mushroom.
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