Violen is a member of the X-Hunters in Mega Man X2. Unlike Agile and Serges, he is not particularly intellectual and is little more than a brute. His battle tactics do not differ much between his encounters with X; after his first confrontation, Violen's only new tactic was to activate a series of vanishing blocks, forcing both him and X to alter their attack patterns. Violen uses a large titanium-steel mace to crush his opponents and swings it in wild patterns. He can also rapidly fire energy bullets from his palms. His weakness is the Bubble Slash weapon obtained from Bubble Crab.


  • Originally, Violen was meant to have a more menacing second form, much like Serges's tank and Agile's flying form, but it had to be cut from the game because the cartridge didn't have enough memory space to fit it in.
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