Volt Kraken (aka Squid Adler in the original American release) is a Reploid boss from Mega Man X5. Originally a Maverick Hunter, he retired following the death of his brother, Launch Octopus, something he has resented X for ever since. Harbouring doubts over the methods of the Hunters, Kraken traveled to Japan in the hopes of leading a more peaceful life. Sadly, Kraken went Maverick after being affected by the Sigma Virus. X went after Kraken as he held an Energy Cart needed to complete the Enigma Cannon. In his maddened state, Kraken attempted to avenge Launch Octopus by fighting X, only to be destroyed himself.


  • Levitation - Boosters adorning Kraken's body allow him to hover around his boss-room.
  • Tri-Thunder - Kraken fires three bolts of electricity in three directions. X can copy this weapon and Zero gains his Denjin technique by copying Kraken's data.
  • Grand Spark - Kraken electrifies the floor.
  • Body Blow - Kraken chases after his opponent in an attempt to ram the player. He usually uses this attack right after he uses Grand Spark.
  • Horizontal Tri-Thunder - Kraken floats to one side of the room, extends his tentacles, and shoots six lightning bolts forward.
  • Vertical Tri-Thunder - Kraken floats the bottom of the room, extends his tentacles, and shoots six lightning bolts upward.


Being an electric-based Reploid, Kraken is vulnerable to water-based attacks (which is ironic given that he is modeled after an aquatic animal). The Flying Splasher and Goo Shaver will cause him to short-circuit.

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