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The Warriors of Hope's Robots are the main bosses in the end of each chapter in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls.


Hero Robot Mark Guyver

Hero Robot Mark Guyver is a white and yellow robot with a yellow helmet on top of their head and glowing pink eyes. They have a notable weak point, which is the Monokuma symbol on their chest. Their hands are drills which are used as weapons. Its special move is Mega Drive Drill, which Masaru Daimon, its controller announces every time before he uses it.

Priest Robot Doctor VonGerolt

They are a robot colored completely in blue, with yellow glowing eyes. Their main attacking method is to shoot explosive Monokuma Balls and bullets from inside their arms and cannons. They are also able to fly due to them possessing an jet. Their weak spot is the Monokuma symbol on top of their head.

Fighter Robot Highlander the Great

They are a robot whose main colors are red and orange all round their body. The armor resembles those of a knight. In the middle of their chest, they have yellow fighter symbol, representing Kotoko Utsugi, its controller. They also seems to have what appears to resemble a orange skirt with her. Unlike the other robots, they can't fly and maneuvers quickly with a gas-ran jet pack. Inside their body, they have a Monokuma symbol which appears to be their heart due to it being it's weak point. Their weapon is an axe.

Sage Robot Hannibal X

They are a robot that resembles a guerrilla soldier. Unlike other robots, it is humanoid in structure. They wear a brown cape and their face are black on the right and and white on the left, and they carry a rifle for longed-ranged combat. They have a red glowing eye on the right, and a white eye with a pupil on the left. They can jump long distances and hover around, and can also create clones of itself when maneuvering. They also equip a dagger, although they are never seen using it.

Mage Robot Black Suspirian

They are a combination of every other Warriors of Hope Robots, and has Monokuma's black side on their and possesses every weapon held by the past robots. The Monokuma face is a mask and their true face is a face similiar to those of a woman. A red chair Monaca is present on the staff on its right hand. Inside of their body, the controls appear to be handled by Kurokuma as he goes in and out in order to control them.