Web Spider is a boss from Mega Man X4 and commander of the guerilla warfare division of Repliforce. Before he joined Repliforce, he served under Zero in the Maverick Hunters' Special 0th Unit. When Repliforce began their war for independence, he remained loyal and was stationed in the jungle, charged with guarding a powerful beam cannon hidden there.


  • Lightning Web - Web Spider can create webs of pure electricity that he can crawl over or launch as homing projectiles to ensnare enemies. X can copy this weapon, though his version does not home in on targets. He can, however, use them as temporary walls to jump off of and reach greater heights. When Zero defeats Web Spider, he gains the Raijingeki technique, allowing him to charge his Z-Saber with electricity and inflict massive damage on foes with a thrusting attack.
  • Spi-droids - Small, robotic spiders that Web Spider can summon to attack enemies. Their small size and quickness make them difficult targets and they attack by leaping at foes and slashing them with their sharp limbs.


  • Twin Slasher - Slash Beast's weapon can cut and sever the electrical bonds of the Lightning Web, causing Web Spider to drop down to the ground.
  • Ryuenjin - A flaming saber uppercut that Zero can perform which disrupts the Lightning Web.
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