Wind crowrang

Wind Crowrang is a crow-based Reploid and a member of Red Alert from Mega Man X7. When Red Alert fell under Sigma's influence, Crowrang took command of an aerial battle fleet and directed it to attack various Maverick Hunter bases. He was confronted by the elite Hunter Zero and his ex-comrade Axl who defeated him and destroyed his fleet.


  • Flight
  • Tanken - A pair of energized short blades that function as Crowrang's weapons of choice. He uses them for dash-and-slash attacks and even throws them like boomerangs. X and Axl gain a new projectile weapon based on the Tanken called the Wind Cutter. Zero fashions his own weapon based on the Tanken called the V-Hanger.
  • Feather Missiles - Crowrang launches his wing feathers which can home in on targets.
  • Taitari Kougeki - A ferocious spinning dive-bomb attack.
  • Cyclone - When Crowrang crouches, he will launch himself into the air, unleashing two walls of six energy blades that each fly to opposite ends of the screen.


  • Hieijin - This concentrated energy dart can home in on Crowrang and pierce his light armour.
  • Sniper Missile - Snipe Anteator's weapon has exceptional range and stopping power. It can track Crowrang's movements no matter how fast or how far he flies.
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