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Wire Sponge is a Maverick Reploid created by Sigma and one of the eight main bosses of Mega Man X2. During his development process, an accident occurred that resulted in him possessing an error in his personality programming, causing him to behave in a childish manner. Regardless of his mental state, he possessed impressive fighting abilities and was tasked with seizing a weather control station where he playfully disrupted the systems, creating natural disasters in many areas.


  • Strike Chains - Wire Sponge has a vine-like chain attached just below each of his arms. Both chains end in a blade shaped much like a maple leaf. Sponge uses these chains to pierce enemies' armour, grapple objects and terrain, and even spin them around in front of him to form a shield. The blades can deflect any weapon except for his weakness, the Sonic Slicer. X can analyze Wire Sponge's data and use the Strike Chain himself (although X's version more closely resembles a plasma whip).
  • Killer Seed - Wire Sponge can shoot small seeds out of the top of his head like bombs. When the seeds touch any surface, they erupt into small mechanical weeds that end in sharp spikes.
  • Lightning - Wire Sponge charges up energy and fires a bolt of lightning into the air from a spike protruding from his head. Several lightning bolts will then fall from above in random patterns. Zero can copy this ability in Mega Man Xtreme 2.


  • Sonic Slicer - Wire Sponge has a more fragile body than most other Reploids and the Sonic Slicer can easily cut through his unarmoured form and leave him in pieces.
  • Speed Burner - Being a plant-based Reploid, Wire Sponge is also vulnerable to fire.
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